Standard Pizza Kraft Paper Boxes (10 sizes)

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Our rigid boxes provides both good protection and nice presentation for your products.
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Material:High quality 360g reinforced cardboard
Application:Pack gift.
Style: paper with reinforced cardboard. Rigid cardboard, boxes come pre-assembled.

Color: Black, kraft

6 inches: 16x16x4cm
7 inches: 18.5x18.5x4cm
8 inches: 21.5x21.5x4.5cm
9 inches: 24.0x24.0x4.5cm
10 inches: 27.0x27.0x4.5cm
11 inches: 29.0x29.0x4.5cm
12 inches: 32.0x32.0x4.5cm
13 inches: 35.0x35.0x4.5cm
16 inches: 42.0x42.0x4.5cm
18 inches: 47.0x47.0x4.5cm

Price: 10-20pcs: SGD, 21-100pcs, SGD, 101-400pcs: SGD, 400+pcs: SGD

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